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The Multicultural Approach of Writer Stanton DeFreitas

August 18, 2018

Ever since Stanton DeFreitas grew up as a Canadian with Caribbean roots in the Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario, he has appreciated the enormous benefits what is one of the most diverse areas of the world. He doesn’t want to keep it to himself, however; he wants to share his experience, in which he was able to witness and participate in a wide variety of cultures with everyone. Stanton firmly believes his diverse experience has improved his career as an international business consultant.

As such, Stanton DeFreitas wants everyone to understand that they are citizens of the world, rather than an individual country. His greatest desire is to get everyone to make the effort to broaden their horizons spiritually, academically and culturally. That is why he wants to move into a career as a writer; his goal is to communicate his vision to as many readers as he can on the issues most important to society and to demonstrate how we can all work better together among the different cultures of the world, in an effort to make the whole world a better, more peaceful place.